Sustainable Pumpkins & More Love for Fall

And just like that, it's fall. Whether we're ready or not, temps are dropping, leaves will soon begin to change, and the days are getting a little bit shorter. But if you know the North Fork, you know fall - also known as harvest season - is one of the busiest times of year on the East End. In honor of this, we've added some new sustainable, eco-friendly, modern items to our collections, including pumpkin-themed products, luckily the kind that won't stop traffic or ultimately end up rotting in the yard. No, these are beautiful, everlasting pumpkins that may even make you smile to look at. Here are some of our picks for autumn living...

Goodsmith Pumpkin Air Plant Holders

Here's a jack-o-lantern we can get behind. These Goodsmith reclaimed wood pumpkin air plant holders really do resemble pumpkins, especially with the green accents of the plant itself. This hard-to-kill plant is included, so perhaps consider making your own sustainable pumpkin patch at home in October.

Tob Aero Kindling Candlestick

Trees will soon be bare, but they won't hold a candle to this lovely décor by TOB Aero (yes, pun intended). The kindling candlestick is a beautiful complement to modern interiors. Made of aged bronze finished with brass, we love the layered look they can create in different pairings. 

Botanique carved leaf bowl

Speaking of bare trees and fallen leaves, we love this Botanique carved leaf bowl, also by TOB Aero. Designer Thomas O'Brien does seem to have a thing for nature-inspired interiors and home furnishings... something we can certainly get behind.

Anecdote Candles Homebody Candle

If you can't tell by now, we love products with a sense of humor. Enter: Anecdote Candles. What better scent for fall than Homebody? Staying in is the new going out with this calming and comforting aroma. A refreshing blend of citron, bergamot, and lemon illuminates the promise of a good night in. Deep inhale, long exhale.

Magic Linen Light Gray Waffle Blanket

Remember the whole hygge craze? Well, we're still into it. Curl up with Magic Linen's linen-cotton blend blanket. Add a layer of coziness to your bed (or couch) with this blanket that comes in a comforting waffle weave. Linen is one of those year-round fabrics we can't get enough of...

Autumn Glow Swedish Cloth

All the autumn things... this Swedish dish cloth summarizes the season perfectly, and is pretty representative of October life on the East End! This sustainable alternative to sponges and paper towels not only looks cute, but is also biodegradable when the time comes to swap it out. We love a win-win!

Stay warm, cozy, and sane out there, friends. Get your pumpkin (products) and more at touchGOODS this seaon.

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