Reflecting on Midcentury Modern Design

The art of interior design is not purely aesthetic. It’s a representation of an individual’s expression of themselves. Style is highly personal when it comes to fashion, and the same can be said for one’s home. What’s changed in design over the years is the marriage of form and function, and highlighting these different expressions. The particular beauty of midcentury modern is that it is eclectic – mix, match, create, define, reimagine, reminisce. This enduring style is the heart of touchGOODS, and we break down the varying aspects of this look within the home. 

Gus* Modern Jane 2 Lounge

Ask an interior designer today what clients are looking for and you will often hear “clean lines.” It’s exactly what it sounds like. As a foundation, this leaves living spaces open for interpretation. A neutral backdrop provides a fresh canvas for simple ornamentation, warmer tones in form of furnishings and décor, color when and where you want it, and even a nostalgia for things past. Think of the style of the 1960s – pieces were soft yet solid, subtly thought-provoking, and eye-catching.

“Midcentury furnishings, alongside pieces from other eras, create a clean, relaxed, mix-and-match aesthetic that not only warms up a space, but creates conversation,” shares touchGOODS owner and interior designer Norine Pennacchia.

Gus* Modern Hilary Chair

Midcentury modern has since endured. Brands housed within the Southold shop are a nod to this sustainable aspect. Gus* Modern’s collection of structured furnishings in tones ranging from the neutral to an assortment of mustard, emerald and moss, and rust hues popular in the time period.

Bend Goods LUCY Wire Dining Chair

Bend Goods’ outdoor furnishings are reminiscent of 1960s pop culture in style and bold color. North Fork, Hamptons, and New York City outdoor and indoor spaces alike of all sizes can add interest with these functionally comfortable designs. Similarly, bamboo and rattan pieces from Sika Design and Kenian are a summer must.

Sika Design Caroline Sofa

Ferroluce Pi Ceiling Light C1796

Recently, touchGOODS has added lighting – one of the most crucial elements within the home – to their portfolio. Pendants, pulleys, wall and ceiling lights can be mixed and matched to create any desired atmosphere, and pair well with the other furniture collections.

Vintage finds

Embracing the era midcentury modern was born from, vintage cannot be overlooked. Whether incorporating your own treasured pieces into your designs or discovering something new within the shop, this is where you continue your own story. Reflect on the past or start a new conversation through your home. Share your story with us by tagging @touchgoods on Instagram.

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