Nostalgia Meets Craftsmanship with Ferroluce's Industrial Table Lamp

Navy nostalgia meets Italian craftsmanship with the Ferroluce industrial table lamp. Inspired by hand-held lantern lights of wartime Navy ships, these lights offer a vintage, sea-weathered effect in modern lighting. The ceramic handmade design has substance and detail, and its assortment of gloss colors accented by rusted metal add interest and personality to any space.

Ferroluce Industrial Table Lamp

With respect for tradition and materials and a nod to history, Ferroluce lighting adds style and elegance founded on simple principles. 

"The production is performed exclusively in Italy and each item is a union of the harmony of shapes and the constant research of new chromatic alchemies; each item is distinguished from the monotony of products made in series with its own unique personality."

Ferroluce Industrial Table Lamp

What we love about these particular table lamps is that they look as though they have a story to tell, as if the piece itself has fared the high seas. You can literally layer lighting in your living space by stacking these cube-like lamps atop one another. Or, simply use it as your statement piece. The vintage lightbulbs especially add to the aesthetic. 

Ferroluce Industrial Table Lamp

As the lighting selection at touchGOODS grows, thanks to brands that pride themselves on a stellar product that is both unique and expertly made, Ferroluce has been the recent star of the home. Discover our new and revolving lighting selections at our shop in Southold, and find the ultimate piece that speaks to you and your home. 

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