Voatsiperifery 3 x 20g Sachets of Madagascan Wild Pepper

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Voatsiperifery is a variety of pepper grown in the tropical conditions of Madagascar and features heady aromas of fresh herbs and citrus along with a subtle, woody heat

A versatile pepper that never fails to excite the senses

 This variety of pepper grows wild in the south of Madagascar on vines that can reach up to 65ft in height, meaning that picking them is a tricky exercise. The peppercorns which tend to be small and have a distinctive tail deliver heady, woody, floral, and fruity notes without an overwhelming heat.
Goes particularly well with meat (poultry, pork, and lamb), vegetables (potatoes and salads), omelets, and goat's cheese as well as strawberries, melons, and chocolate.

Peugeot Premium Selection
- For Peugeot pepper mills
- Intensity 5

Packaged in airtight sachets to keep the pepper in tip-top condition
- Easy filling
- Triple protection against air, light, and moisture
- Lower environmental footprint
- Locks in the aromas