Taché, Light Bulb Support

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Taché, in Piedmontese it means "to attach" or "to fix", is the creative support for a light bulb that allows you to transform a G125 light bulb into an original table lamp. Designed by Fabrizio Alessio, Taché is inspired by one of the most beloved objects of the design world: the paper clip, patented by William Middlebrook in 1899.

Designer Fabrizio Alessio has imagined adapting Middlebrook's idea to the world of lighting, by drawing from its elegance and simplicity: just as the paper clip staples sheets of paper, Taché's super-light structure can staple the globe of any G125 bulb, leaving it suspended and in view.

The Taché consists of two mirrored arms with an aluminum wire frame covered with a braid made from the fabric of our cables and two elegant Made in Italy wooden feet. As well as a decorative function, the covering sleeve protects the bulb's surface. The extra idea: complete your Taché with one of our SnakeBis ready-to-use cables to create a practical, modern, and creative designer table lamp.

Taché, light bulb support
Taché arm in coated aluminum wire:
Diameter: 7mm
Length: 90mm
Height: 245mm
Beechwood feet:

Diameter: 15mm
Length: 90mm
Hole: 7.5mm
Taché is manufactured in Italy