Shrimp Deveiner And Cleaner

$ 15.99
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Splits shell and removes veins in one fluid motion.

Simply insert the OXO Good Grips Shrimp Cleaner into the end of the shrimp and the ridged edge will split the shell and remove the vein in one motion. The guard helps protect your hands while you’re working with slippery shrimp, and the asymmetrical design allows for use at a variety of angles. A soft handle makes this Shrimp Cleaner comfortable to use and non-slip, even in wet hands

Peels and deveins shrimp in one swift motion
Sharp, stainless steel blade makes quick work of shrimp
Plastic guard helps protect hand while working with slippery shrimp
Asymmetrical design allows for use at a variety of angles
Soft, comfortable handle is non-slip even when hands are wet