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$ 3,600.00

38" x 38" Oil on canvas.

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Roisin Bateman began her life and her art in the west of Ireland, and the rough textures of the Irish rock and sea are still in her brushstroke. In that landscape nature is veiled in soft light, mist, and rain, and the seasons change only gradually. Bateman says that in Ireland she became aware of processes in nature that she could sense but not quite see.

In 1986 she moved to the South Fork of the eastern end of Long Island, a narrow peninsula surrounded by creeks, bays and open ocean. Here brilliant light is reflected back from the water and sand dunes, illuminating every object, sharpening every tone and hue. What Bateman had dimly glimpsed in Ireland became vivid on Long Island.

Bateman is not a “landscape artist” in the traditional sense. Rather nature’s laws of metamorphosis inform her work. Each painting unfolds as a plant might grow, step by step – between polarities of activity and stillness, what is hidden and what is revealed, gravity and levity – till at last it stands by itself, having reached it’s particular balance and end.

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