Paris Nature Salt Mill

$ 57.95
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Manual Upcycled Wooden Salt Mill, 22 cm - 9 in.

Here is the 22cm - 9in. Paris Nature salt mill is a must-have for the kitchen. The design for this French-made rock salt mill reflects Peugeot's global environmental pledge.

Size: 8.67in.
Material: Wood
Spice: Dry Salt
Grinding system: Classic setting

This Paris Nature salt mill is upcycled from beech wood that is initially discarded due to minor visual imperfections, thereby offering the wood a second lease of life. After the body is sandblasted, it is protected with a solvent-free black varnish. At the heart of this iconic mill lies a stainless-steel dry salt mechanism with a lifetime warranty.

The button on top, marked with the brand’s lion head in white for salt, can be used to easily adjust the grind setting as required. The nature-inspired design of Collection Nature will add minimalist elegance to your home.

- PEFC-certified recycled wood from France
- Partially filled with dry rock salt from Germany. Only refill with dry rock salt, white, pink, blue, etc. as long as it is 4mm or smaller
- Not recommended for sea salt
- Stainless steel mechanism, naturally corrosion-resistant, with a lifetime warranty
- Turn head clockwise only to grind
- Adjust the grind with the turn of the knob
- Made in France by Peugeot