Knife Holder Teak Cutting/ Serving Board

$ 71.49
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Our Knife Holder Cutting Board is meant to promote stability, safety, and sustainability. Cheeses are essential to one's happiness, chop a fresh assortment, aged and infused with a great aroma. This dreamy board boasts a darkened color palette, beautifully accenting its natural striations and subtle highlights.

Details: 40 x 30 x 2 cm 

Material: Sustainable Teakwood 

*Knife not included

Made in Mexico

The Artery Project is a thoughtfully designed, sustainably, and ethically curated Teakhaus project. We aim to unearth craftsmanship and talent from unexpected places. To honor and love our planet we are featuring exquisite designs created in collaboration between indigenous communities, small wood farmers, small workshops, and Mexican designers. The pieces resulting from this project are a limited edition made only with sustainable tropical wood.

Designed & produced by Tuux, which means "bat" in Mixe, an indigenous language, is a design studio with production capabilities oriented towards developing sustainable projects that are coherent and socially responsible. The interdisciplinary team of collaborators is made up of designers, scientists, carpenters, athletes, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who have studied in different parts of the world and have received national and international awards, with experience in the field of sustainability and avant-garde design.