Nantucket Seafood Yellow Lemon Bags,18/Pk

$ 8.99
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Adding a few drops of fresh lemon juice to any meal changes its whole flavor profile, sending your taste buds on a whirl. A true necessity for the most delicious seafood dishes, our Lemon Bags are designed to assist you with adding the complementary finishing touches. These yellow cotton covers feature elastic tops that can be easily stretched over lemon halves and wedges to cover before squeezing. This set of 18 bags provide an attractive and useful way of keeping seeds from falling into seafood, salads, iced tea, and more! Used by the top chefs of the finest restaurants in the world. Nantucket Seafood's Lemon Bags make it possible to enjoy just the right amount of pit-free citrus juice through a careful squeeze of the wedge, for a clean and crisp flavor enrichment that will allow all other flavors to shine.