Classic Edison Bulb - ST21 (ST64) Looping Filament - Amber Glass

$ 9.95
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It doesn't get much more classic than the retro styled Edison light bulb. And we've improved upon Thomas's design by updating this bulb with an LED filament.

Everyone loves the Edison Bulb, and for good reason. Simply put, it's a classy bulb. And our updated design with a looping filament inside makes this bulb even more unique. And don't forget that this is an LED bulb so it does not get hot like traditional bulbs and uses only a fraction of the electricity of older carbon filament bulbs.

This Edison light bulb gives off 250 lumens of light using only 5.5 watts of energy. The color of light is warm at 2000K. And we guarantee this ST64 Edison style light bulb for 3 years.

The base size of the screw in portion of these bulbs are E26 which is the "standard" size of normal bulbs.