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Lékué Bottle To Go Organic is bottle with 600 ml capacity made of high-quality glass. This glass bottle is 100% airtight: both the body and lid are threaded, so you can carry it wherever you go, with no risk of spillages. Easy filling and cleaning. You can open and close the bottle at the bottom or with the lid. This makes it easier to fill – and clean. Bottle To Go Organic is eco-friendly, reduces plastic bottle consumption, a product with a long shelf life and it has a strap for easier carrying.

This new glass bottle is made with organic materials, and a lower percentage of plastic. The main material is a combination of wood fibre and polypropylene – one of the most widely used plastics, which is 100% recyclable and perfect for contact with food.

The wood fibre comes from the waste generated by logging activities in the manufacture of consumer goods. The wood waste is shredded, filtered, and sterilized, then blended with propylene to create this new material. The result? A high quality, completely safe material that complies with the strictest of regulations.

Take it with you in your bag, backpack, or briefcase. It’s going to go with you everywhere!

Enjoy your Bottle To Go Organic or make a unique gift. The perfect gift for friends or family, or a nice little treat for yourself.


Product specifications

  • Measures: mm ø80 – H190
  • Material: Wood fiber + PP + 5% recycled TPR | Glass (Borosilicate)
  • Temperature: -20ºC / +100ºC
  • Capacity: 600 ml
  • Appropriate for: Dishwasher, fridge