Archet(To), transparent wall mount for pendant lighting

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Our Archet(To) is our Made in Italy modern style pendant lighting mount. Use it for hanging lights that plug in or for hardwired pendant lighting. The shape of the Archet(To) resembles an arch and allows you to create hanging lights and lamps that can be hung wherever you want. You can even hang it on a wall and use it with your pendant light with a lampshade (up to 70cm diameter and 7.4 lb max): the Archet(To) bends down according to the weight it is bearing!
You'll easily find the perfect spot to hang your Archet(To). Due to its light structure, made of transparent polycarbonate, it will look great in any setting.
The Archet(To) works great with our plug in pendant lights to make wonderful hanging lights that plug in. Just choose a Creative-Cables plug in pendant light, such as our Snake or SnakeBis, select the color wire you prefer among the more that 150 colors we have available. And decide whether you want your plug in pendant to have a lampshade or not.
The Archet(To) can be hung by itself, BUT to make mounting the Archet(To) on your wall easier (and even more beautiful) we suggest you also purchase one of our Archet(To) wooden bases.

Attention! Light bulb, wooden accessories and cable not included.

Archet(To), transparent wall mount for pendant lighting.
Made in Italy.

Height: 40 cm
Width: 4 cm
Maximum distance from wall: 40 cm
Maximum weight: 7.4 lbs
Compatible with all our fabric covered cables 2x18 (round) and 3x18 (round and twisted).
Attention! 2x18 cables are certified for 5lbs maximum weight; 3x18 cables are certified for 7.4 lbs maximum weight.

Archet(To) is a patented product; it was born from an idea of Achille Novarino and was designed by Albo Design studio.