We've Got Lobstah Love for Summer Dining

Lobster, clams, oysters... oh, how we love summer. In honor our favorite shellfish, we've stocked several themed and purposeful products in our homewares department that are sure to be must-haves for design enthusiasts through the rest of summer, even if you're not spending it on the North Fork or in the Hamptons. (But if you're not here, where are you?) From dinner for two to lobster bake shindigs, here are a few of our faves to get you started...

Sertado Cooper lobster stock pot

Let's get cooking with big and beautiful cooper stock pots. That oh-so-beloved union of form and function comes together with traditional high-quality cookware from Sertado Copper. Elegant and practical, this cookware offers both superior quality and style.

Nantucket Seafood butter warmer

sir/madam linen lobster bib

Serve in style with Nantucket Seafood's butter warmers. Keep butter and delicate sauces in pure form for your seafood, vegetables, or fondue. And if you're the type that really lets your lobster make a splash, you might need a little extra "protection." The Sir/Madam linen lobster bib is probably perfect for you. And the Roman emperor Tiberius Caesar wore a “bibulous” adorned with rubies to protect his imperial robes while gorging on the Isle of Capri so... why can't you?

Outset Oyster Grill Pan

Whether you like them ice cold on the half shell or grilled to scrumptious perfection, Fox Run's cast iron outset oyster grill pan is a must. The seasoned, non-stick coated pan makes whatever is roasted inside easy to release and easy to clean. We're here for it. 

Sertado Copper Oyster Copper Bar Tray

Okay so a little more cooper... another beauty by Sertado Copper. This solid copper tray with a rich patina on the interior framed by high polished copper around the perimeter is perfect for oysters, libations, cupcakes, and anything else worthy of a beautiful presentation.

Mercer clam knife

Pop open your favorite clams with perhaps the most necessary tool in your summer arsenal - the Mercer clam knife. Also available for oysters, the high-carbon steel blade makes this tool durable and sharp, while the rounded blade tips keep you safe. Yes, please.

We don't know about you, but this post has made us a bit hungry. Elevate your summer seafood dining experience with all of this and more at touchGOODS. 

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