(Un)expected Must-Have Candlesticks

Jack may be nimble, and he may be quick, but he's not jumping over these candlesticks... Miho (Un)expected Things has us completely giddy over these new and incredibly fun candlestick holders. Artisan-crafted with ceramic, brass, and handblown glass, each has unique details that can make any tabletop or surface festive throughout the year...

Miho Unexpected Things Coral Reef Candlestick

This cheeky, peachy combo is a blend of warmer tones that we just can't get enough of. My Sweet Lady and Coral Reef are a balancing act of peach, red, brown, and brass, and make a fun mix and match set.

Miho Unexpected Things Green Vibes CandlestickAdd whimsy and intrigue with Joshua and Green Vibes, and bring some greenery to your tabletop scenery. These shades of green work incredibly well in various design spaces, and we are really digging the hints of natural life.

Miho Unexpected Things Blue Moon Candlestick

This little elephant is carrying everything on his shoulders with this Blue Moon candlestick, and looks pretty cute doing it. The elephant makes it to the top in the Top of the Hill candlestick below.

Miho Unexpected Things Top of the Hill Candlestick

These are just a few of our faves. Mix and match to make your ultimate pairing - or just go nuts and get them all. We won't judge you. Check out all of the beautiful unexpected things at touchGOODS in-store and online.

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