New Year, New Wave of Homewares

We've expanded, we've listened, we've ordered, and now we're fine tuning. In the spirit of all things new and good, we're having a HUGE sale at touchGOODS! Shop in-store or online for a whopping 50% off homewares, including kitchen goods, gadgets, bakeware, and all other necessities. Help us clear out the tried and true for things exciting and new...

kitchen tools at touchGOODS in Southold

For culinary pros and those in-the-know, mise en place is where it's at when it comes time for meal prep. This French term means having all your ingredients measured, cut, peeled, sliced, grated, etc. before you start cooking. Pans are prepared, mixing bowls, tools and equipment set out. Fun, functional, and sometimes just downright funky, our meal prep tools will have you ready to slice, dice, and sizzle.

Kitchen Gadgets and Utensils at touchGOODS in Southold

Remember those infomercials where if you called now, you'd receive three extra colorful spatulas and a plastic whisk for just the cost of shipping and handling (for each individual product)? Well, forget all that and get the tools where form meets function. Replace rusting peelers and graters, get a complete set of measuring cups, and other necessities to make your time in the kitchen a breeze.

Bakeware at touchGOODS in Southold

It's winter after all, so why not warm things up? Channel your inner pastry chef with our various bakeware pieces. Baking dishes, pie dishes, sheets, trays, and more to create all the sweet treats, and store them away, too. Of course bakeware isn't limited to after-dinner goodies, so consider this your opportunity to get creative.

Glassware at touchGOODS in Southold

Toast to all things new in 2023 with our lineup of glassware to sip your favorite beverages for casual nights to special occasions, and all the days in-between. Whether your prefer simple and elegant or textured and printed, a highball with crushed ice or a lowball with a large cube, coupes or flutes, shop the goods for your wet bar before they're gone.

Dinnerware at touchGOODS in Southold

Serve in style with dinnerware for indoors and out (yes, you will dine al fresco once again!) Discover collections of all materials, including bamboo, ceramic, melamine, glass, and stone to bring that aesthetic element to your meals. 

Our expansion into the homewares proved to be thrill this year. And while we're excited to bring even more new goods into the store, we just need a little help from our friends to make space. Come explore customer favorites and discover some must-haves off your own. Oh and did we mention, a ton of it will be 50% off? Just in case you need more of an incentive... 

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