Looking to Spring 2023 with Gus* Modern

A couple of dustings of snow on the North Fork, and we're already dreaming of spring. A sign of hope that cold weather days are only here for a short time, we've been buzzing with anticipation over the launch of one of our favorite brand's spring 2023 lookbook. That's right, Gus* Modern has recently unveiled a new collection for next year—and we can't wait to reinvigorate our living spaces with midcentury modern furnishings and décor made of eco-friendly materials! Here's a peek at what we have to look forward to...

Gus* Modern Munro Bed

Simple and sophisticated with clean lines and soft edges, the Munro bed is a low-profile platform bed that works with any mattress, eliminating the need for a box spring. Available in walnut or oak, the design highlights the organic beauty of natural materials. 

Gus* Modern Mulholland Sectional

The Mulholland Series is a tailored, tuxedo-style seating design with a distinctive tufting pattern and eco-friendly, solid wood details. Almost a new neutral, the Caledon Sedona color lends itself pretty well to modern interiors with its ability to complement a number of color palettes, like grays, browns, warmer tones, and even some vibrant colors to calm a space.

Gus* Modern Renfrew Sectional

Structure meets comfort with a contemporary design that blends a clean, modernist aesthetic with the premium, comforting materials. Renfrew sectionals just look so inviting! We love the contrast between plush upholstery in neutral colors with slim yet bold black steel legs. 

Gus* Modern Odeon End Table

Beautiful and functional on many levels, the Odeon coffee table and end table offer a natural element to living spaces. Available in walnut or white oak, mix and match to warm up your living room.

Gus* Modern Soren Chair

For a piece that is sure to make a statement, Gus* Modern's Soren chair is it. Sculpted, soft, and bold rounded edges are complemented by clean, sharp lines in its base. Go light or dark, depending on the mood of the room. 

It's no secret that at touchGOODS we just adore Gus* Modern. Explore what's in stock and what's to come in-store and online.

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