Lighting Your Space

Lighting in and outside of the home has always been a necessity, but have you ever put thought into how to really make it amplify your living spaces? It is something that has been overlooked in interior design for years (not by the pros, of course. Aside from its obvious functional purpose, lighting sets a mood, creates ambiance, and when mixed and matched, can completely transform a space.

Ferroluce Lariat ceramic pendant lights

Your lighting needs will vary depending on the space. In the kitchen, a combination of high hats, chandeliers, and wall mounts may be necessary to provide as much illumination as possible, especially when preparing meals. If your kitchen extends into the dining area, dimmers are useful to set a more peaceful mood to enjoy what you’ve prepared. In other living spaces like bedrooms and living rooms, floor and table lamps create various levels of warmth and glow.

Il Fanale ASTRO 16 Light Chandelier

Incorporate lighting into your other design elements to continue your expression of a space beyond being simply functional. Modern and midcentury is the name of our game, and mixing and matching is a great underlying thread to this aesthetic. For example, pair the brass Il Fanale Astro Chandelier in the dining room over a custom midcentury black walnut dining table for a slightly industrial look. Ferroluce Lariat ceramic pendant lights bring pops of color into spaces with neutral tone furniture. Ferroluce Grunge Pulley pendant lights are a nostalgic Italian lighting design that also complements industrial décor.

Ferroluce Grunge Pulley

With outdoor spaces being used much more frequently, outdoor lighting is also essential. Dress up outdoor dining, patio, and kitchen spaces with fixtures that help illuminate this atmosphere. Il Fanale, with its collection of outdoor lamps, offers a wide range of lighting made with extreme care and with quality materials. Their garden outdoor path light is reminiscent of a lighthouse, particularly appropriate for the East End. Elevate the string lighting look with drop outdoor pendant lights, made of copper and antique brass.

DROP Outdoor Pendant Light

GARDEN Outdoor Path Light

Pulling together your interior and exterior design with lighting is an art that will surely impress your guests. If you’re unsure how to mix and match your lighting and what works best in individual spaces, seek the help of an interior design expert (hint: her name is Norine). Follow @touchgoods on Instagram for lighting and design inspiration.

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