Fall-inspired Décor

It seems chilly fall weather has finally arrived - though we weren't exactly complaining about 70+ degree October days. That means leaves are finally changing and we're beginning to see those signature warm fall colors. Let's keep bringing the outdoors in with some modern and midcentury furnishings and décor that will make your spaces feel extra cozy as those temps keeping dipping lower and lower...

The notable hues that come to mind this season are shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown. From velvet to leather, wood to brass, and every other material in-between, these colors already lend themselves to modern design and work well in nearly any space. Softer neutral tones also serve as the ultimate backdrop for a number styles. 

Gus* Modern Wallace Chair

We've referenced the Mad Men-esque style of some of our furniture lines, including Gus* Modern. The Wallace Series is a modern reinterpretation of the classic English Chesterfield aesthetic, and we think it lends itself quite well to many styles. The channel-stitched leather upholstery creates a surface that is both visually striking and remarkably comfortable. 


Light up your spaces with a beautifully crafted ceramic wall lamp by Ferroluce. The design perfectly complements décor from mid-century modern to industrial to transitional to traditional. We call it a win-win... win.


And just because we love Ferroluce so much (and needed something yellow) this immensely popular table lamp is another fantastic accent. The ceramic design has substance and detail, offering different gloss colors for each piece to assume a personality of its own.  

Gus* Modern Ravi Pillow

When you're not in a position to completely redesign your space (nor should you ever solely based on a season), one of the simplest updates you can make to transform a space is adding cozy accessories. Throw pillows in particular can be quite effective and easily mixed and match. We love Gus* Modern's Ravi Pillow in velvet russet. Velvet is a perfect fabric for fall accents, and as a little feel-good bonus, the cushion fill is made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles.

Kilm Coasters

Spruce up the coffee table with our one-of-a-kind Kilim Coaster sets. Each coaster is individually cut from a hand-woven vintage kilim, and is entirely unique. But they aren't just pretty. The absorbency of wool, combined with a leather backing ensures your coffee table will survive almost any party unscathed. 


Fine - because it's fall and Halloween is just days away, we'll include something pumpkin-themed. Thankfully, these handmade velvet pumpkins do the trick. Skip the North Fork traffic and farm crowds with these beautiful pieces that last all season long, year after year. Velvet pumpkins are certainly our fall favorite.

This is just a small glimpse as to how you can bring the beauty of autumn into your living spaces. Show us your favorite touchGOODS additions to your home this season by tagging us on Instagram.

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