Designing Your WFH Space

A stack of pillows on your bed does not count as a desk. Hunching over your computer on the couch with the coffee table as a makeshift filing cabinet doesn’t quite cut it either. Working from home is the new normal, and as such your workspace needs to be a place that inspires productivity. Whether you have a separate room or an area you aim to designate as your 9-to-5 dwelling, make it modern, make it yours with these WFH design tips and tricks…

Start with the basics. You’re the CEO ruling this roost, so go pro with a new desk and chair. Modern and mid-century design’s clean lines evoke that clutter-free feeling, perfect for your office space. Gus* Modern’s Gander Desk is a compact, minimalist design with modest hidden compartments and a drawer for essentials you want to keep out of sight and is perfect for smaller spaces. For a little extra storage, the Gus* Modern Conrad Desk is a functional piece that evokes the style of 1950s modernism. Pair your desk with a comfortable seat – you’ll be spending a lot of time in it after all.  We like something that swivels because, hello, executive! The Radius Task Chair is an upholstered piece that elevates the modern look of your workspace.

Gus* Modern Gander Desk

Create a boundary. You may not have a dedicated room to set up your office, and that is perfectly fine. You don’t need to necessarily create a cubicle, either. Separate your office space from the rest of your home with a bookcase, sideboard that serves a dual purpose, or even a collection of large potted or hanging plants (we’re always a fan of adding some greenery to your scenery!) Set the tone that this area is for work and let it inspire productivity.

Macrame hanging planters

Pull it together. With the foundations of your workspace in place, pulling in additional elements creates a cohesive, defined look. Area rugs for example bring a room together – whether it be a living room, bedroom, or the corner you’ve designated for work. Place a small area rug under your desk, something with a short pile so you can still use that rolling chair. This is an ideal opportunity to add some interest with a pattern, like the Angie Tribal Rug, which works outdoors as well. Above your desk, add a large framed print that adds to the space without being too distracting. The goal is to inspire, not overwhelm. Cool, calming colors are said to boost creativity, while warm colors like red support attention to detail. You can also position your desk to be near or lookout a window. It is a good idea to let your eyes break away from the computer. Choose what will be most encouraging to you.

Nuloom tribal rug

Make it personal. Add a few other elements to make your space personal, aside from the essentials. Be careful not to overdo it – you want to avoid clutter that can incite feelings of anxiety. Protect your desktop from water marks with a cool coaster, added a small potted plant, or perhaps a decorative figure. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a candle. Small modern touches make the space a reflection of your personality.

Vintage Kilim coasters

From the North Fork and the Hamptons, across Long Island and into New York City, the home office has perhaps become one of the most important rooms in the home. Modern interior design lends itself well to the function of this particular space now that WFH is the new reality. Share your design favorites with us by tagging @touchgoods on Instagram.

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