Contemporary Meets Whimsical: Miho Unexpected Things

The beauty of contemporary and midcentury modern furnishings is that it is not confined to any single style-box. Sure, there are parameters that help set the foundation of this particular aesthetic, but one thing we absolutely adore is the style's ability to meld itself to one's own sense of self. It's this idea that has us over the moon for one of our newest - and already insanely popular - brands. Miho Unexpected Things offers just that - the unexpected. Designed in Italy and made in Germany, the pieces in this collection are striking and fun, and also meet our own sustainability standards here at touchGOODS. Here are a few pieces to love...

Miho Unexpected Things fish

First, Miho Unexpected Things's flagship products are eco-friendly. They are made of recycled wood and use non-toxic inks to create whimsical pieces for your home. They are also flat-packed - versatile and compact while offering a preview of the final, assembled item. You get to be really hands-on with these, popping the pieces out yourself and following very simple instructions to make these pieces come to life on your walls or surfaces.

Miho Unexpected Things flower

Living on the East End of Long Island, we chose items that really speak to the beauty of what the area has to offer. Colorful florals create a chromatic explosion, adding a special vibe to your living spaces. Exotic fish with fine black and white details bring the sea into your home. Vibrant and imaginative butterflies are particularly special - open the wings and discover hidden storage for your precious items. Perhaps one of the more well-known species to us on the East End is the deer. This fanciful trophy mount pays homage to nature with antlers resembling oak tree branches, and other playful options. 

Miho Unexpected Things butterfly

Miho Unexpected Things  deer

The only thing to do now is decide where you'll place these truly special and unique wood-crafted sculptures. When you do, tag @touchGOODS on Instagram to share the love!

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