Build + Organize with Branch

Get ready for an Instagram-worthy shelfie! If "getting organized" was on your long list of resolutions for the start of 2022, we've got good news for you. You can scratch that one off in style with Gus* Modern's Branch Modular Organization System. A thoughtful and functional blend of midcentury modern style with modular components results in an infinite number of fully customizable, elegant, open-storage options for your home and office. Organize your office, closet, entryway, living room, bathroom - literally, any place that has stuff. Oh, and big bonus, it's easy to put together!

Gus* Modern Branch Organization

If you're craving a bit a of structure in your life - and you're a fan of companies with eco-friendly materials and practices - then Branch is certainly for you. We love the refined details like the rounded edges and uprights that soften the aesthetic while also enhancing Branch's architectural style. The black Branch 2 Wardrobe Unit is a sophisticated unit for hung and shelved pieces, making for a beautiful yet functional display. 


If your office requires a lot of space, or maybe you're looking to create a beautiful space you'll actually want to work in, the Branch 3 Desk Shelving Unit keeps things organized and aesthetically pleasing. We love this example of ways to incorporate some greenery, books, and art with just enough desk space to stay focused on the task at hand... whatever that may be.


We get that not every piece fits every space. If you're needing a little extra space, there are also add-on pieces available to make it truly your own. No matter how large you go, you can maintain a stunning minimalist look wherever you set up!


Let's get organized in 2022! Check out Gus* Modern's Branch line and so much more at touchGOODS. We'll see you in the shop (or online!) soon. 

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